The water obsession continues…..

Because Terrific Twos as a room are still solely focused upon water play today Katie and Emma decided to change it up a little as they created an actual car wash with real life cars!! You can only imagine the excitement of the room!! This morning Emma’s car, Rosie, and Katie’s car, Ziggy, have been for a visit to Terrific Twos’ car wash at Jollies because they were very dirty. The children were all super excited to use the big sponges and bubbly water to wash the cars. They washed them high and low until there was no more dirt on the cars. They even got to use the hose pipe to get all the bubbles off afterwards… They had very good listening skills and followed safety instructions very well! They all had soooooo much fun! Car wash fever is spreading and growing; first our babies investigated on a small scale and now Terrific Twos have explored on a HUGE scale… from watermelon concoctions to car washes… we can safely say there’s never a dull moment at Jollies as our staff team closely, sensitively and innovatively follow their children’s interests and obsessions and feed their passions💜