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Our Current Transport Obsession…

Since the start of September when our oldest children left us for ‘BIG’ school Free-Flow have been welcoming new friends into their playrooms and the children and staff have all been getting to know each other and building bonds.

As we plan from the children’s interests as our starting points the first few weeks have all been about settling in and finding out what makes the new group ‘tick’. The obsession that emerged was ‘transport’ and from this our latest focus was brought to life!

The children have been vehicle crazy and they have accessed these across all areas of provision. They have been developing their knowledge and understanding of the world and their mathematical concepts by looking at distances travelled by different cars down different ramps and their varying speeds. They have whizzed vehicles through paint, they have made boats and tested them in the water tray, they have sorted objects onto the ‘colour’ train, they have made their vehicles travel to ‘shape city’ and driven them to square avenue, rectangular drive etc… They have sat outside on the nursery wall and completed traffic surveys looking at which vehicles pass and their colours and the different types. They have made cars out of play dough they have made paper aeroplanes and tested how far they can fly.

The children have been enthralled by this topic, which we expected really as the inspiration came from them! They have been totally engaged with all the activities and they have investigated and explored with enthusiasm and huge amounts of confidence.

The transport theme culminated in a walk around the village for our Free-Flow children where, after stopping at the train station for a snack of plums and breadsticks (and watching numerous trains go past!), we then walked across the bridge (where we stopped to survey more cars) and up to the pedestrian crossing and in little groups we took it in turns to press the button and cross the road safely.

What better way to reinforce road safety messages than to actually go out and about and experience for ourselves!

Once safely crossed the children travelled on to the park where they had great fun with their friends before walking full circle back to Jollies.

We can’t wait to see where the children’s interests will take us next…