Treasure Hunt

Tracey went on another one of her ‘treasure hunts’ at the weekend and returned with a fab item which consisted of egg cups, eggs and salt and pepper shakers which were made from wood for our loose parts area. The children loved to explore it throughout the day and discover all the different ways in which they could play with it. One child immediately collected the eggs and walked over to the role play kitchen area and placed them in the oven to ‘cook’ them! Another tried to stack the different wooden parts to make a tower… this proved very tricky as some of the components’ shapes were quite challenging!! Another loved to pretend to make cupcakes with the eggs and egg cups this morning; they then got the salt shaker and would use this to sprinkle some ‘sugar’ on their tasty creations. Whilst they were putting sugar on their cupcakes they would also warn Fiona that they were hot and that she couldn’t eat them yet…However, once cooled they were then both able to sit down and enjoy them together and they agreed that they were indeed very yummy cupcakes!🧁😋 Unusual objects or ‘treasure’ as we like to view them at Jollies (ones that don’t have a set use and don’t elicit a certain, restricted/limited, response) organically lead to collaborative, imaginative play occurring where creative and critical thinking can truly occur as the children satisfy their natural curiosity and inbuilt desire to explore and experiment xxxx