up and down

What goes up must come down!! ⚖️😁Some of our youngest children have had fun investigating the potential of the new giant bucket scales outside… they initially enjoyed simply pushing and pulling them to see how they moved up and down and then they soon moved onto filling them with scoops of water as they realised that the more they added the lower the bucket went as it got heavier and heavier!We think these scales are going to be a marvellous addition to our outdoor provision as they will enable our children to investigate, develop, expand and secure their mathematical concepts and knowledge. There will be lots of talk about highest and lowest, heaviest and lightest, fullest and emptiest as well as ‘in and out’ and ‘up and down’ and….the best bit? All this will occur naturally whilst the children are busy playing… play is definitely our children’s work… and very good at it they are indeed!!