Wash, wash, wash our hands

🙌🏾🫧🙌🫧Hand washing is a hugely important part of life when it comes to maintaining hygiene and keeping healthy and we are always promoting this with all our children. Gradually, as our children get older, they can assume even greater responsibility for this task. The move from adults washing and wiping hands within the room to our children walking to their bathroom to wash theirs at the sink occurs.Cheeky Monkeys have recently been working hard upon really encouraging their children to wash their hands in this way in the bathroom (rather than in their room) before mealtimes and when coming in from playing outside; with the emphasis being upon the children developing their independence skills as they assume responsibility for each stage of the task. This is a great opportunity to develop thinking skills and understanding around sequencing as our children really consider what comes first, next, after that… the rolling up of a sleeve, turning on the tap before getting soap (as otherwise your hands are too slippery to do this!) and then really rubbing each part of the hand (front and back and between fingers etc) all start to become part of their natural routine.Many of our children are already really getting to grips with this process with very little guidance from a grown up! They are definitely becoming Little Miss and Mr Independents!! We are so very proud of them ♥️xxxx