We LOVE Elmer

🔴🐘🟠🐘🟡🐘🟢🐘🟣A lovely moment was captured as these two firm friends chose to share our ‘Elmer’ story sack together. They studied the pictures closely as they carefully turned the pages as they read their book. They naturally communicated together as they chatted about what they could see, what might happen; they discussed colours, shapes, patterns and also the animals they could see. They then played with the accompanying elephants and the soft toy Elmers as they went on to act out their own stories and scenarios.Not only were they developing a love of stories and reading, but they were also developing communication, imagination and social skills as they spontaneously chatted, created, cared and shared together.You’ve got to love a story sack and if Elmer’s inside it’s even more perfect♥️ xxxx+2177People reached16EngagementsBoost post