Where, oh where, should this brick go?!

🧱Recently the children were focusing upon positional language with Stephen through their play whilst exploring the Duplo. They were developing their listening skills by following his carefully worded instructions. Our clever children were very good at listening very carefully to be able to then follow the instructions given to enable them to place specific blocks in the particular positions requested; such as on top of, underneath, beside, in front of, behind etc.Our children listened carefully and their internalising of what they heard meant that their brains processed this information and messages were, in turn, sent to then enable them to move their bodies (with control) accordingly to follow the differing instructions they’d heard! This is a vital skill to develop for use not only in the early years, but in life beyond… listening skills and the processing of the information gained allows the following of instructions to occur which helps to keep us safe in some scenarios, allows us to function and carry out the tasks required of us, helps us to communicate effectively and take part in conversations with those around us and generally helps us in all that we do day in, day out…And you thought we were just building with bricks didn’t you?!Why not try this at home with Lego/Duplo/other construction sets… try to offer simple instructions/sequences for your little ones to follow. It’s a great way to slip positional language into play and you can demonstrate, if they encounter any vocabulary they are unsure of, by moving/positioning bricks for them to copy. Every day’s a learning one and every play situation is a great opportunity to facilitate this! Happy brick building together ♥️ xxxx