Can you do this? Or this? Or this? Or this?Our children have been loving setting themselves (and their friends!) challenges as they’ve moved in different ways in our movement room.From developing their gross motor skills, to their fine, their spatial awareness, their aim, their sense of direction, their ability to listen to instructions and follow them, their balance, their strength, their hand/eye coordination and ability to track, their ability to cooperate/collaborate and build together, their exploration of size/shape/space as dens are created, their bodies’ amazing capabilities… these amazing challenges have all been occurring in this wonderful new space. Physical development and movement play are vital ingredients for learning in the Early Years… without the body strength, the connections and pathways being strengthened in their brains as repetitive movements are practised, the coordination, balance and control that comes from activities such as these children would not go on to be brilliant readers and writers and learners in later life… these are the essential foundations upon which everything is later built… so:LET’S GET MOVING!!! 👍🏻 xxxx