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Woodlesford in bloom again!!!!

Our lovely Big Megan made up a song to sing to the judges, again using a song that the children love at the moment………..George Ezra ‘Shotgun’. The children had spent a long time painting flowers to make Jollies look super pretty, and then they sang their song to the judges! Top marks!

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Our spontaneous free flow wedding!!

So at lunchtime today ‘G’ was talking about her Aunties wedding, when another child invited himself along. I said that you can’t just invite yourself to some bodies wedding if you don’t know them! He said ‘well that’s ok cos I’m going to get married and everyone can come!’. I asked who he was marrying…….’G …

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Team Jolly run the race for life – 2nd June 2019

We put a team together to run the race for life in support of what our lovely manager Tracey is going through at the minute since being diagnosed with breast cancer. We raised a massive £2,395.00 for Cancer Research UK as well as bonding as a staff team at this difficult time. 

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The Annual Easter Parade

We were blessed with lots of sunshine on this years Easter Parade!!! All the staff, children and a selection of Mummy’s, Daddy’s and Grandparents set off with our head gear on to bring Easter cheer to the village. We sang to the people in the butchers as a thankyou for supplying our meat all year, …

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