Help with nursery fees

Please note that places at Jolly Giraffes are ‘funded’ places, whereby the government contributes towards the place, they are not ‘free’ places. We are not a term time only establishment and we are also open beyond 10 hours per day each day, so unfunded hours and school holidays must be paid for. The nursery education funding is ‘free at point of delivery’, but there is a consumables charge to cover unfunded elements (as per our nursery’s delivery offer of funding). Should you require further information about how funding is utilised at Jollies please don’t hesitate to ring us on 0113 205 9449 and ask for Sian. (As we wouldn’t want our parents to find themselves faced with a large bill in school holiday periods etc we instead give you a monthly fee amount based upon each term’s fees minus the funding amount given by the local authority for that period which also takes into account all unfunded hours and days etc and the cost is then spread over the term to give you a lower regular monthly amount instead). A £100 deposit is required to secure this place before your child starts at our nursery and this is returned to you when your child leaves us after one month’s notice has been given and all fees have been paid in full. A code will be required from parents/carers to enable funding to be accessed for the extended entitlement and this will then need to be renewed quarterly.

The following websites may be helpful to find out more information: To find out if you are eligible for Two Year Old funding please contact If you would like to utilise your funding towards the cost of your childcare within our nursery we would love to hear from you!