Parent view 8

E**** has been coming to jolly’s since she was 7 months old and it’s as wonderful and lovely as it’s always been. I really feel like we are all part of a big family at jolly’s! Even through the pandemic I felt involved in E****’s nursery life! We absolutely love eylog and all of the updates we receive through E****’s nursery days. 
The key workers are the best! I really feel like they truly care about E****, it’s more than just a job for them. As a working parent I haven’t even felt guilty for leaving E**** at nursery because I know she’s going to have a wonderful day with all her friends. 

Jolly’s have always been supportive and inclusive, as a same sex couple they make the effort to call us by our parent names “mummy” and “mama” and they never confuse us! Impressive ? and shows their care and attention to detail. 
I will be so sad when E****’s last day comes but we have one more year together and we can’t wait!