Parent view 7

My family and I have had our children attend Jolly Giraffes since September 2017, starting with our daughter, L********, and continuing with our son J***** who currently attends.
As a family we cannot speak highly enough of Jollies. We have experienced a couple of other nurseries/childminders in our time and neither of them can possibly compare to Jollies.
As soon as you enter Jollies everyone is so very welcoming. They all know each child’s name and who their key worker is. The rooms themselves are wonderful and full of various different imaginative toys and tools to help develop the children. As for the individual key workers – they know the children they look after so well and tailor to their specific and individual needs.
They are also very understanding of individual family circumstances and events that are taking place, whether that is the arrival of a new sibling or the death of a close relative, to a milestone birthday or moving house and provide multiple different tools of support to help the child through those times.
Both of our children have always been very happy with Jollies and have thrived whilst there. We cannot recommend them highly enough as we know that we are giving them the best start in life through their time at Jolly Giraffes.