The movement room is officially open!!!

One of our little ones has officially declared our new ‘Movement Room’ open today by cutting the ribbon…We thought you’d like a sneaky peek into this newly revamped space. Steph, and several other Jolly helpers, have been busy redecorating the whole room and it has been repurposed into a Movement Room for our children to enjoy.The idea behind the space is that groups can use it to develop their gross and fine motor skills as they explore their bodies’ capabilities. There are emergency blankets and sheets for den building on a huge scale using airers, musical instruments to get the children composing, moving, marching and shaking. Nursery rhyme and song cards so the children can choose their favourites and then act them out/bring characters to life, books to enjoy where our children can spread right out on their tummies or backs as they share them together. There are wobble boards and spinning tops so the children can test their bodies’ capabilities and experience different wonderful sensations… schemas will definitely be worked through, explored and extended in this space!! There are ‘crash mats’ and stepping stones so movement can occur by rolling, reaching, stretching, jumping all in a lovely cushioned way.This exciting space will feed our children’s desire to move, move, move as they get physical and develop their gross and fine motor skills and all these things are, of course, exciting precursors to reading and writing…. So……Let’s get MOVING!!!!! Xxxx(Next stop: sensory room revamp!! We are officially excited as we work our way round nursery refreshing and revamping💜)

Autumn Feels!

Lovely Lauren has been busy getting creative to enhance her children’s play…. Look at these lovely hedgehogs she’s made to add to the autumnal light table in her room. We think they are super cute. Why not have a go and make some at home with your little one, you can go on a stone hunt together and then get creative painting and transforming stones into lots of different autumnal creatures… happy crafting! xxxx

Joining in the fun!

And this is why we 💗 working in the Early Years… Ellison demonstrates perfectly what interacting with our children is all about – it can literally lead us anywhere… This morning the request was mostly ‘Giddy up!’ from her children!! The sensory room took on an even giddier turn than usual this morning… 🤣😂🤣🤣 xxxx

Whoa… steady now!!

Building/stacking with arches… now there’s a challenge if ever we saw one?!One little one was so very determined to create his structure and it was going up, up, up! He persevered, and pulled THE best concentration faces at times too, as he carefully manoeuvred the pieces to create the clear structure that was in his mind. The only way was definitely up and you can almost imagine the instructions ‘…AND STAY!!’ that he was giving as he was willing his pieces to stay in place. Structural engineering at its finest here at Jollies… Could we have found Leeds’ next grand designer?! 🏛🏰🏗 xxxx

Silly short showers…

☔️ What do you do when you’re suited and booted and the rain stops?!You get out the hosepipe and get VERY wet indeed!! We have adored splashing in puddles, listening to the pitter patter pitter as we danced under our umbrellas and generally loved getting each other soaking wet… Jade proved to be a pro with the hosepipe and successfully soaked everyone who wanted to get wet, wet, WET!!!! Splish, Splosh, Splash… 💦💦💦💦What a wonderful way to spend a Friday afternoon (even if we did need to add a bit of extra rain… 🌧)Happy Friday to our whole Jolly Family… wishing you lots of fun. It might be a wet weekend forecast ahead, but pop on those puddle suits and wellibobs and dance, dance, dance. Please feel free to upload photos of your rainy adventures together on your little ones’ online journals if you’d like to, as we’d all 💙to see them and chat about their adventures with them next week. xxxx

Cooking up a treat…

We wonder if your meals over the weekend will be quite as delicious as those created recently in our mud kitchen?!One little one mixed, poured, scooped and scraped as he created his very own banquet outside… DINGing it in the microwave before finally serving up for his friends!! Mmmmmm delicious 🥣 Sooooooo many skills were being learnt, and different concepts were being explored, here; from investigating capacity, exploring numbers and counting as spoonfuls were added, senses were stimulated as herbs were selected from the sensory garden to enhance the mixture, fine motor skills were perfected as mud was transported from container to container using a variety of utensils, imaginations were developed as the banquet was planned, prepared and eaten, natural sequencing took place as ingredients were found, mixed and then ‘cooked’, communication skills were key as plans were shared with friends and the Jolly grown-ups who had lots of questions to ask too as they excitedly tried to find out exactly what was on the menu!! These were but a few of the things naturally occurring as the mud kitchen was played with…. (We love the focus and concentration that you can clearly see upon this little face as they created, created, created).Cooking in the kitchen will never be viewed in quite the same way again!!What will be on the menu in your house?

mark making

Stretching, scribbling and strengthening as we make marvellous marks!! Our youngest babies have been exploring their mark making capabilities as they doodled on a HUGE piece of paper spread across the floor. Being on the floor enables their bodies to be truly free to move… they can crawl and stretch as they change positions and create their masterpieces… Children develop their grip as their hand/finger strength grows and their gross and fine motor skills develop and we observe a range of grasps/grips, from whole handed Palmar ones to pincer ones, and it is so important that our children are given the opportunity to mark make using a wide variety of implements to match the developmental stage they are currently at and to keep them progressing onwards…

Here our babies are using a whole handed grasp and they are reaching and stretching over and across their bodies as they see what marks they can make. By being able to kneel, crawl, lay on their tummies, shuffle etc they can ensure they are drawing in the most comfortable position for them all as individuals. Marvellous mark making takes all shapes and forms here at Jollies…

‘It’s just like a giant iPad…’

Our interactive screen is popular with our oldest children. It is a great way for them to develop their mathematical concepts, their understanding of letters and sounds, their knowledge of rhyme, their listening skills and ability to follow instructions, their sequencing skills, their ability to share resources with their friends as they take it in turns, their vocabulary and their creativity as they discuss possible ideas and solutions together, their imaginations as they create works of art/their masterpieces, their fine motor control as they carefully navigate the screen using its touch capabilities, their knowledge of positional language as they explore left/right/up/down/over/under and many, many more things besides!!Here one little one is being an expert hairdresser at their very own salon… can you work out which of the skills above they may have been practising as they washed, dried, cut and styled their model’s hair?!

Sooooo much learning is always taking place throughout time spent using this screen, but as far as our children are concerned they are just playing and having fun… quite right we say!! 👍🏻 xxxx

Peekaboo we see you!!

👀 One little one was so happy to climb, slide, hide and explore as she showed off her amazing physical skills and her super confident attitude!!She was proud of her achievements as she manoeuvred herself and navigated her way around the soft play assault course.It is so very important for all our children to test their physical skills (hence why it is one of the three prime areas in the Early Years Foundation Stage – the principled play based curriculum/approach that we follow here at Jollies) and explore what their little bodies can do and what better way than by having a soft play adventure.

Choooooo Choooooo

🚂 One room’s obsession with trains continues… no walk to the train station today, but the next best thing…Katie and Jade and some of the children created the HUGEST train track in the room and then had so much fun developing play further together 💚 We just love following our children’s interests at Jollies as the play, fun and learning progresses in such an organic and exciting way.