Adding a new book area to outside.

Our Story Sharing Bench…We 💗 to read together, and alone, at Jollies as we just adore books. So what better way to do this than outside in the sunshine… Our new story sharing bench has gone down a storm and our children have adored finding some of their favourite stories waiting for them, along with some non-fiction books which have enhanced our obsession with bug hunting. Reading and exploring the natural world… could things be more perfect?!

The obsession with water is spreading!

Working at the car wash…… working at the car wash…. yeah!!During the grown-ups’ close observations they noticed some children pretending to wash a toy car in the sink in the role-play kitchen area; they had placed it in the bowl and then made splashing noises as they pretended the taps were on getting it nice and clean. So….. following their interests they took this outside, but on a much larger scale and with REAL soap and water!!THE JOLLY CAR WASH IS BACK UP AND RUNNING! Restrictions have lifted and all non-essential shops have reopened meaning the Jolly car wash, run beautifully by Team Possums, is back and our cars are in need of a good clean…The children all got suited and booted and headed outside ready to clean the cars. Lillie got out the hose, sponges, cloths and lots of crazy foam and they all set to on their cleaning mission. Lillie, Kirstan and Stephen encouraged participation by all getting stuck in themselves with the cleaning and they encouraged lots of singing as they worked too, but the hose pipe definitely took centre stage! After a few strange looks initially as the water sprayed overhead the children soon became fascinated and enjoyed seeing the bubbles being washed away once their cleaning mission was complete! The group loved exploring in the crazy foam as they relished the sensory feedback as they squashed and squeezed it through their fingers. There may have been a little initial hesitation around the hosepipe, but we can safely say that everyone enjoyed splashing around in the puddles in the tray afterwards. What expert car cleaners they all were! The cars gleamed and the fun shone… 💜xxxx

The water obsession continues…..

Because Terrific Twos as a room are still solely focused upon water play today Katie and Emma decided to change it up a little as they created an actual car wash with real life cars!! You can only imagine the excitement of the room!! This morning Emma’s car, Rosie, and Katie’s car, Ziggy, have been for a visit to Terrific Twos’ car wash at Jollies because they were very dirty. The children were all super excited to use the big sponges and bubbly water to wash the cars. They washed them high and low until there was no more dirt on the cars. They even got to use the hose pipe to get all the bubbles off afterwards… They had very good listening skills and followed safety instructions very well! They all had soooooo much fun! Car wash fever is spreading and growing; first our babies investigated on a small scale and now Terrific Twos have explored on a HUGE scale… from watermelon concoctions to car washes… we can safely say there’s never a dull moment at Jollies as our staff team closely, sensitively and innovatively follow their children’s interests and obsessions and feed their passions💜

Following interests……water!

An invitation to play if ever we saw one….Terrific Twos have been OBSESSED with water recently after playing in the water tray outside. They have requested it at any, and every opportunity, so today Katie and Beth have set up a ‘tuff tray’ with a wonderful invitation to play and explore…Combining water with an amazing array of containers, utensils and spray bottles to get those little fingers moving to develop their fine motor skills. Whilst appealing to all senses due to the colours and smells as the children scoop, pour, sprinkle, squeeze and squirt as they imaginatively develop their own concoctions! Wonderful, wonderful water play (and 🍉!) is definitely the way at Jollies today!!


Flutter by butterfly 🦋 Dear ButterfliesWe hope you all had a very exciting, adventurous first weekend exploring the new HUGE wonderful world around you?Love your friends in Cheeky Monkeys xxxxLast week we set our painted lady butterflies free having watched them grow and change from caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly. It has been fascinating for our children to observe this lifecycle occurring within their room in front of their very eyes. They have observed closely and discussed the changes they could see occurring and they have enjoyed finding out more from non-fiction books. They have had the opportunity to gently handle the butterflies when they have chosen to land on their hands, or sometimes their heads 🤣😂🤣😂, but the best part was releasing them into the wide and wonderful world as we knew this would truly be the start of their amazing adventures.The above filled us with awe and wonder and it all came from Lauren, Tia, NatNat and Laura closely following our latest interests… we had been loving reading ‘Monkey Puzzle’ and we were all OBSESSED with the butterfly in the story and how its babies didn’t look like it; so Lauren asked us if we’d like to see some caterpillars changing into beautiful butterflies, as we had also been highly engrossed in going on bug hunts in the garden too, and that was it… a plan was hatched and our (and their!) adventure began!! Xxxx

A change of interest!

Our babies have moved on from dinosaurs to building!! Construction site here we come…Kirstan, Lillie and Stephen are brilliant at helping their babies to blossom and interests have now shifted from dinosaurs to an obsession with building! Through closely observing their children at play they saw the desire to build, build, build emerging, growing and spreading. So, responding to their interests and obsessions, this new area has been lovingly created as a fabulous invitation to play and develop their skills further. The team are definitely feeding their key children’s passions!Our gorgeous new soft play set enables building on a huge scale too… as well as simply satisfying our littlest giraffes’ natural desire to crawl, climb and explore.We think that Possums are in for a fun week…. Happy Monday… Let’s go!!!!! Xxxx

More garden revamps!

Mud kitchen Madness!! We are loving our newly revamped mud kitchen and what better place for role-playing as the narrative is driven forwards, negotiating, sharing and taking turns as wonderfully imaginative concoctions are made, developing mathematical skills as pinecones, sticks and leaves are carefully counted as literacy skills are honed as recipes are read and followed, as sensory feedback is sought as favoured choices are made in the smelly/digging area to enhance our culinary creations (will it be curry plant, lavender or mint that is selected and added today?!), as capacity is explored as water is tipped from container to container, as fine motor skills are developed as tweezers, tongs and utensils are used to transfer our tasty ingredients…And you thought we were all just ‘playing’ making mud pies!!Mmmmm… what will be on the mud kitchen menu today?! We’re not sure yet, but whatever it is rest assured in Jollies mud kitchen everything is made with mud, mud, marvellous mud and oodles of love 💖…. xxxx

Following the children’s interests

Huge scale mark making… BEEP, BEEP!!Cheeky Monkeys have continued to be obsessed with transport and vehicles; so this week Lauren decided to enhance and extend their interest by combining vehicles with messy on a massive scale!!!A gigantic roll of paper was laid across our (closed) empty front carpark and our children got to decide upon (and swap and change!) their ride on vehicles of choice as they experimented with rolling and riding through the paint splats and then looking at, and discussing/comparing, the different tracks and marks they had made.You can only imagine the fun they had mixing vehicles with messy… physical skills were developed as they rode around, but these were combined with the creative as they became artists of the most unusual variety! What an amazing morning they had yesterday and after all the crazy painting the children then got to work at the bubbly car wash cleaning all the vehicles down.I wonder where this current interest/obsession will take them to next?! Or will the focus shift onto something completely new and different… whatever it is Lauren, Tia, Laura and Nat Nat will be there to observe closely so they can feed, extend and expand their children’s latest interests and fascinations 💜xxxx

Garden revamp April 2021

We’re Going on a Bug Hunt!!Our garden revamp continues… it’s all about the bugs in this new Jolly area! We have relocated our ‘Jolly Bug Hotel’ and have gathered together magnifying glasses that are now easily accessible; so our children can now grab them and go when the urge to bug hunt strikes!In the mud kitchen yesterday a teeny tiny spider ran around the frying pan and then climbed the pine cone (we talked about how this was like climbing a mountain!!) and a butterfly fluttered by creating magic and movement throughout our garden.Our new booklets will hopefully inspire even more great spotting of a whole host of different creatures…. We’re going on a bug hunt, we’re going to find a….. who knows?! We can’t wait to find out though…. eeeek exciting!!


Open ended play – 12th April 2021

Exploring Elephants will be continuing with our creative re-use and recycle theme as Fiona lovingly salvaged lots of packaging from Friday’s exciting delivery as she could see the potential in all of it.She has set out a glorious ‘invitation to play’ ready for her children to explore on this marvellous Monday morning…Combining fabulous packaging with other unusual objects and containers that she has found; she has gathered together a wonderful treasure trove collection of ‘loose parts’ ready for her children to create and build with.We think little minds are going to be enticed and inspired and creativity will be sparked as imaginations are given the freedom to roam and expand as sculptures and scenarios are devised and developed within this new area… 💜xxxx