…. When ‘Happy Land’ is your happy place


….But you’ve also got a super whizzy transport area, sensory shelves, dressing up and a crunchy, glittery seaside to pique your interest too!!!

Enabling, enticing and inspiring environments bring the fun to Cheeky Monkeys and their Jolly grown-ups clearly know their children’s interests well and are on a mission to follow them as they help them all learn and develop through their play… it’s just the Jolly way!!!! ♥️ xxxx

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside…..

If we can’t get to the seaside then the beach can come to us!! ????️

Giant sandpit playing days and castle building ways spent loving life here at Jollies ♥️ xxxx

From caterpillars to butterflies


Magic happened in front of our very eyes here at Jollies as our eggs turned into caterpillars, which turned into chrysalises, which turned into butterflies…. AMAZING!!

This life cycle was incredible to watch and the excitement and anticipation built as we waited patiently for each stage and our children loved getting up close and personal with the butterflies before finally setting them free!! They enjoyed their time at Jollies, but the time had come finally to say goodbye as we said flutter by butterfly and sent them on their wonderful way.

Before this though we took part in close observation, we used reference books to find out more, we created artwork inspired by our butterflies, we pretended to be caterpillars turning into butterflies and we talked lots and lots and lots about them all ???????? xxxx

Fun in the rain!

Of course those who ventured out, rather than up, had a rather marvellous time too… ♥️☔️

It’s always about friendships and fun whatever the weather here at Jollies!!!! Xxxx

On a wet and miserable day….


……what better way to brighten our spirits than taking a trip up the stairs to our marvellous multi sensory room ♥️

Ellison took her Cheeky Monkeys up to explore and, after independently navigating the stair mountain expertly first, they then set to exploring this exciting sensory space…

They observed the bubbles and colours changing, they flicked switches to turn lights on and off, they balanced on stepping stones, they climbed and slid on the soft play, they explored the sensory floor tiles, they span around and around on our spinning fish and they explored their bodies in space as they were enveloped within our suspended sensory swing… Maybe our giggles will encourage the sunshine to come out and play later……. ☀️ xxxx

Paint pens… AMAZING!!


Creativity and fine motor came together to form the perfect blend as masterpieces were created by Cheeky Monkeys using the paint pens… ♥️ xxx

Sharing special times spent with our families here at Jollies…


This little one melted Fiona’s heart this morning with the total joy she could see in her face whilst she was telling Fiona all about her holiday photos that they were looking at together on the tablet.

She talked about each one individually; ‘the crab goes pinch, pinch’, ‘I smashed ****’s sand castle and she was cross’, ‘ice cream was yummy’! ‘Birds with daddy’, ‘It’s a water fountain’.

She was just soooooo excited to talk about them all with Fiona when she shared the photos that her mummy had sent in on the app. Recounting her adventures and smiling widely as she reflected very fondly upon all her recent holiday fun…

We love it when parents/carers work in close partnership with us and we love it when they upload photos of weekend adventures, special family occasions, holiday fun etc.

These all help to strengthen links between home and nursery and they offer a different platform to really get our children excitedly talking about significant people/things/events in their lives with grown ups and each other too… after all who doesn’t like to reflect upon time spent with our nearest and dearest?! ♥️ Xxxx

Ring games galore!!

That’s what it was for Emma and her children recently when they played outside… cooperation, collaboration, coordination and great listening skills combined to create much excitement!!

Sometimes traditional fun is just THE BEST… which ring games can you remember loving as a child?!? ♥️ Ring-a-roses? The farmer’s in his den? Hokey Cokey? Or something else? xxxx

Oh, the possibilities of a box!!!!

????????????????????(or 20….)

After our very exciting delivery earlier in the week we simply couldn’t resist having some fun with the boxes before they were recycled! We turned them into castles, boats and houses (or whatever else our imaginations decided upon!) as we excitedly decorated them together and we even opened some of them up to draw roads to race our cars around on too ???????? xxxx

All aboard the Jolly train!

After spontaneously making a train inside with the chairs Jade took her little Elephants outside so they could continue following their current interest, but on a much larger scale!! They all made a train together with the crates and tyres and climbed happily aboard to embark upon their journey to ‘the seaside’…

Choo-choooing days and role-playing ways spent imagining together here at Jollies ♥️???? xxxx