SUPER story sharing

Batman 🦇 takes a quick break from saving the world to share a book with his friend… SUPER friendships blossom here at Jollies ♥️ xxxx

Beep Beep!!!!

Sometimes you’ve just got to jump on a huge wooden truck and push yourself around the room…..One of our little ones strengthens their core, puts their balance and coordination to the test and explores direction and speed as they drive around the floor! …And you thought they were ‘just playing’ didn’t you?! So much amazing learning and development occurs through play in the Early Years… it’s why we love it so much… play is our work and we are officially experts in it!!Vrooom, Vrooom, Beep, Beep…. Coming through!!! Xxxx


It’s mostly been a splishy-splashy paddling pool kind of morning here in the sunshine in the Jolly Garden 💦🔆💦🔆💦🔆💦🔆💦🔆💦🔆xxxx

Miaow, Miaow

🐈🐈‍⬛Remote controlled cats were all the rage in Cheeky Monkeys. Their room is the perfect space to explore with these IT toys as one half of their area is entirely lino-floored which can only mean one thing… extra zippy cat manoeuvres!!! Our children took full advantage of both the space and the surface as they used their remotes to control the fabulous felines… they moved them forwards and backwards and they often span them around and around in circles too which caused much hilarity!! The children explored cause and effect and soon realised their actions had a reaction and after the initial shock of the cats whizzing about (as they can be quite frantic and fast and they did cause a few shocks at first!) they were soon fully engrossed and focused upon controlling them!! Xxxx

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!

❄️🍦🍨❄️We do like to follow our children’s interests here at Jollies, however ‘random’ (and unusual!) they may sometimes be, and recently a HUGE interest was… ice cream! Our children were talking about it lots after family days out and they started to pretend to create and serve it in our role play house.Imogen quickly noticed that this was an area that we severely lacked books in… so a quick Amazon order soon had ice cream- themed books winging their way to nursery; both fiction and non – one was all about how ice cream was made!! The role-play shop counter was transformed from its last set up as a florists into an ice cream parlour and all that was left was for imaginations to flow! Sprinkles were chosen, fantastic flavours created and ice creams flew out of the shop!Lots of role-play emerged (with pretend counting, discussion about money and much talk of change to be given and quantity etc) and turns were taken to buy and sell ice cream. The queue was a long one as these jolly ice creams were obviously just so delicious! Some dinosaurs even got in on the mix too, as our children’s different role-play areas collided and then organically merged into one!! The T-Rex was a bit greedy though and he kept gobbling up all the lollies!!Inspired by our children’s role-play and interests, pudding was even switched up a bit too, as Free-Flow asked James to get them some ice cream cones and instead of having their ice cream in bowls 🍨 they had it served in a cone instead🍦This caused much excitement!!!Imogen then extended this interest even further by introducing real ice cream to explore and play with! Our children honed their physical skills by experimenting with ice cream scoops and spoons and they explored capacity as they filled differing sized containers. They also loved the sensory feedback they got from the cold ice cream… it was fun, if a little messy and sticky at the end, and the three flavours mostly merged into a messy brown liquidy mix (although lots of interesting observations and comments were also made as this change occurred too… every moment’s a learning one!!)Where will our children’s interests take us to next on our exciting jolly learning journey? We can’t wait to find out… xxxx


Lighting up our learning…

A light box/panel/table is a wonderful thing… it’s such a versatile resource that can be used to spark curiosity and awe and wonder in our children and all kinds of lovely learning can be enhanced through the use of it!Here’s a sneaky peek into its versatility and recent use within Jollies…From exploring slices of cucumber and kiwi 🥝… fascinating to see the light shine through and observe shapes and patterns and textures (not to mention smells too!), stacking mini sensory bottles in a swirling glittery tower on its top, creating patterns and shapes out of shiny construction pieces, to experimenting with all things red, white and blue to commemorate our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 👑You may not have a light table at home, but you can still have lots of fun with a set of fairy lights and filling plastic bottles with food colouring and water (and maybe some cooking oil and glitter too!) and then seeing how amazing they look as they are shaken and the lovely lights behind them come shining through ♥️ xxxx

Planting, planting, planting!!

🌱🌱🌱🍅🍅🍅One of our mummies had some excess tomato plants and they asked if we’d like some here at Jollies. We said a very grateful yes to this kind offer and then it was over to some of our Free-Flow children to pot them up.Once planted in their new pots the children watered them and all that’s left for them to do now is to look after them and wait patiently for them to grow and bear their fruit!We can’t wait to harvest some juicy, yummy tomatoes and then eat them as part of our snack here at nursery… we are excited!!With lots of water, love and care we are hopeful we’ll soon have some fabulous tomatoes to enjoy 🍅♥️🍅♥️🍅 xxxx

A moment of magic

🦋🦋🦋🦋Introducing our amazing butterflies into the wide, wonderful world around them…. Bye, Bye Butterfly!! Xxxx+7273People reached63EngagementsBoost post


caterpillars no more!

We spy a caterpillar… a chrysalis… a butterfly!Up until very recently Terrific Twos have had some extra special visitors staying with them in nursery sharing their play room…some baby caterpillars! They got to watch the baby caterpillars grow and then form a chrysalis before finally emerging as beautiful butterflies… to say they were excited throughout was a HUGE understatement!!During their brief time here with us our children have had an up close look and very personal look at their caterpillar friends and they regularly discussed together how they were changing (based upon their very close observations) and also got excited about what was going to happen next over the coming weeks. They found this out by sharing some very beautiful information texts which described the stages in great detail so a very clear sequence of events was set out for our children to learn about and follow avidly. They also LOVED reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ book and then feeding their very own ‘home made’ hungry caterpillars the food from the story too in the extra special tray which Lauren lovingly created to accompany this classic story… All that was left to do was to watch this space as they patiently waited for their butterflies to complete the life cycle in front of their very eyes… and they did!! 🐛…..🦋….. AMAZING!!!! Xxxx

Jubilee celebrations

What a fabulous afternoon tea street party we have had to celebrate our lovely Queen’s 70 years on the throne 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑We had a party tea whilst wearing our best clothes and crowns, we had a mini photo booth, we had balloons to race and chase and keep up in the sky, we played happily with our friends across the whole nursery and we even had some yummy candy floss!We hope our Platinum Jubilee Party was very much enjoyed by all! Team Jollies are signing off now for a very lovely long weekend… we’re exhausted, but very happy ♥️ Thank you everybody for being part of our celebrations this week.Have an amazing one now and enjoy your family jubilee celebrations together over the long weekend… see you on Monday!! Xxxx