Sep 14

School leavers party – 1st August 2018

Today we celebrated our school leavers with a party just for them. It was an opportunity for them to say one last goodbye to their friends before they embark on their school journey. It was also a chance for their parents to chat about their own thoughts on the move to school, and munch on cake!!! We dance, played, danced, ate lots of yummy food, used props for selfies and really celebrated our time as a Jolly Giraffe.

Aug 01

School Leavers trip – 5th July 2018

Our very oldest giraffes enjoyed the yearly tradition of an exciting outing. This years was to Swithens Farm. the children had a fantastic time ……with lots of stories to tell everyone about their day when they returned.

Aug 01

Jolly Summer Fair

Thank you to our whole Jolly Family and all our Jolly Friends who came along to our fair on Saturday. We are pleased to announce that we raised almost £1000!!!! Team Jollies will now be getting our heads together with our children to work out what to spend these lovely pennies on. We’ll keep you posted with our purchases, but just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you for making the day a success; whether you donated a raffle prize, baked some buns, brought in some bottles, donated some toys, or simply gave up some of your precious weekend time. We really appreciate all your help in making our summer fair a sunny, fun, successful one. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Aug 01

Look what we found yesterday!!!!!!!

snippet from our ‘Jolly facebook group’ yesterday:

“For all of those who don’t know there has recently been a rock hiding game created, in which people can decorate rocks and hide them wherever they desire in the hope someone will find them and rehide them elsewhere to continue the fun.. Jollies were very lucky as 2 beautiful rocks were on our doorstep today all the way from TYNESIDE!!! We continued the fun and Cheeky monkeys went to hide them for someone else to find.. We are now following the group to see how far they get.. We may even make our own..”


Jun 22

Chick update

The chicks which we hatched at nursery moved into Sian’s garden to make friends with her existing chickens. They got so big that Sian had to give them a house upgrade!!

Jun 22

World Cup Fever has hit us!

World cup fever has taken over the whole nursery!!!! We have done so many football related activities this week: danced to football anthems past and present (a particular favourite was ‘vindaloo’), decorated our own football strip, played matching games with football related snap cards, learnt the national anthem, learnt the most effective goal keeping tactics, practiced our penalty kicks, etc etc

Jun 22

Teddy bears picnic with Woodlesford school – 13th June 2018

Today we have been on our annual teddy bears picnic at Woodlesford School with their school nursery class! We all walked in such a lovely, sensible way up to school holding the crocodile and making sure we were extra careful! When we got to school we went to the outdoor area where first we split into groups and each got a chance to do an activity… Some of the things on offer included, making our bears fly with the parachute games, hunting for bears in the forest, reading bear stories in the special outdoor reading area, we did cutting and sticking to make our own bear ears, colouring and teddy bear rubbings, we played games and climbed on the big tyres and we learnt to do teddy bear rolls which quickly became rolling races down the hill! When we had each had a turn at every activity we had some free play time and made lots of new friends. After all that we got to have our teddy bears picnic, we all sat in a big circle and had a nice drink of juice and some ginger bread bears! Then it was time to say goodbye to our new friends, we all said a big thank you and they waved us off as we headed back to Jollies just in time for dinner!

May 11

Garden renovations – End April 2018

Spring is well and truly sprung at Jollies!!!

We’ve decided that it’s time to tidy up the garden after winter; ready for a long, fun summer!!

The first area to be freshened up was the garden…. new bark piled high ready to be climbed upon, freshly planted ‘smelly plants’ (lavender, mint, thyme, lemon and curry are just some of the smells!!) which will be used to enhance our ‘cooking’ in the mud kitchen, super-spinny windmills and summery bunting have been added and the ‘small world’ tyres are ready to have imaginative resources added by the team to inspire role play… will polar bears climb the icy terrain or dragons fly across the grasslands?! W

e are looking forward to exploring our garden as the sun shines, or the rain pours – we don’t mind as we’ll all have fun together ‘whatever the weather’😊💜🌺🌷xxxx

May 11

Woodlesford in Bloom

Our children sang beautifully for the ‘Woodlesford in Bloom’ judges on Friday afternoon – so a massive thank you to all of them! ‘Woodlesford in Bloom’ would really like to use these two photographs in their portfolio about their work within the village community. Free-Flow and Twos/Elephants will be asking you to sign to say that you are happy for your child’s image to be included in this. If anyone does not want their child to be included that is fine too, but if you are happy then they’d love to use these photos. Thanks everyone 💖xxxx

May 11

Our chicks have hatched!!!! 18 April 18

Welcome to the world little chicks! We have had some egg-citing news… this morning our eggs, that have been incubating nicely, have started to hatch. Meet the newest additions to our Jolly Family. They timed their entrance perfectly (or was it just in fact perfect planning ?!😜) as we are currently focusing upon ‘Life Cycles’ with our oldest children.
Welcome to the world little guys💜xxxx