Nov 29

“1st November 2017 – Pudsey Bear collection

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone for their support in raising money for Children in Need… together we raised £88.75 for this very worthwhile charity. Thank you everyone 💖 we hope you enjoyed the buns and had fun on this very special day?! Xxxx

Nov 29

8th November 2017 – interactive screen

We are so excited to announce that this morning we have had a HUGE interactive smart board fitted in nursery! Thank you so much for helping to raise money to pay for this by coming to our last summer fair. We can’t wait for all the children to have a turn and start to familiarise themselves with all the lovely, fun educational games… brilliant!! Xxxx

Sep 21

School Leavers trip to Leeds Museum

We just wanted to say how very proud we are of all our ‘BIG school’ leavers. They walked around Leeds and the museum all day and did not complain once! They listened carefully and looked around with excitement and enthusiasm. They found answers to the questions in the booklets and they were excellent detectives as they hunted things out. Their enthusiasm, excitement and thirst for knowledge was amazing and leaves us all in no doubt that they are now more than ‘school ready’…
We cannot believe how grown-up everybody is and we have just had such an amazing day with them all. They have been fabulously fun and have made us all so, so, so proud. They are a credit to you all and we feel priviliged to have known each and every one of them and are so glad that they have been part of our jolly family. Xxxx

P.S. They’ll all sleep well tonight!! 😴😴😴 (and so will the fabulous Jolly Free-Flow Gang – a massive thank you to each and every one of them too

Sep 21

Our Annual Summer Fair – 15th July 17

Summer Fair Update…

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to support us at our annual summer fair on Saturday.

The weather was kind to us and the rain held off!

It was lovely to see our children having their hair made crazy and getting tattoos and nails painted, to see everyone tucking into burgers, sausages, crepes and candy floss, to see our current mummies, daddies, grandmas and grandads and Team Jolly members chilling out having a cuppa or a beer and chatting and also to have some of our ‘soon to be giraffes’, our September starters, visiting along with some older ex-Jollies also coming back. We loved having you all here and hope you enjoyed yourselves?!

You certainly spent your pennies as this year was a record year as we raised just over £1000!! We are now going to match this so that we can buy an interactive whiteboard for our children to use. This is something that we feel is now essential as it is what our little giraffes will experience as soon as they enter ‘BIG’ school and so we want to mirror this equipment here at Jollies to give them the very best possible start.

Thank you to our whole Jolly Family for helping to raise £1000 towards this and we will keep you updated with photos as soon as this equipment is purchased and installed… exciting times ahead for our Jolly Gang!!! Xxxx21850674_10155727362533524_321058679_n


Sep 21

Beans beans beans – 7 Sept 17

Today we have harvested the beans we have grown and they are making their way into James’ yummy homemade soup as we speak ready for our children’s tea tonight…. ‘souper’ exciting! Xxxx21427231_689276391263081_6215645846427484436_o

Sep 21

Leavers Party 2017

Our ‘BIG’ School Leavers’ Poem for our Class of 2017….

Words cannot express how very sad we all feel
The time to say goodbye is here and it just doesn’t seem real
You have made us amazingly proud in every way
As we have watched you learn, thrive and grow each day

Your bodies have stretched and your minds have expanded
As you’ve babbled, crawled and walked and on your bottoms you have landed!
We’ve wiped away your tears and placed plasters on you knee
We’ve shared snuggles, high fives, smiles, laughter and complete glee

The firmest of friends over the years you have all become
Sharing secrets, games, giggles and an infectious sense of fun
We have been privileged to have been part of your lives each day
We have explored together and developed your play

Yet now ‘BIG’ school is calling out your names
Ready for new classrooms and exciting fun and games
From the strongest of roots you have all grown
You have spread your wings and already you have flown

Now the sky is the limit for you all and you will soar even higher
The sparks of learning we’ve ignited will turn into a fire
Believe in yourselves and be brave, strong and bold
But know to us you’ll always be the ‘crazy daisies’ of old!

We have loved every minute of being with you… each and every one
Filling our hearts with love as we have shared in all the fun
Part of our Jolly Family you will always stay
Please remember this as you go on your way…

Wishing you the best of luck as we wave you goodbye
We will do our very best to try not to cry!
From the diddiest of dots to the diamonds that you are
We all know that YOU WILL GO FAR!!!!20994268_10154968534199205_7230178997341983778_n


Mar 29

Easter Parade 2017

Today we took part in our annual Easter Parade. The weather was kind considering it looked grey before we set off!!! We firstly walked up to Woodlesford School to join up with their nursery children. We had planned to have a joint picnic/games session in the park but it was too damp so we had a stroll around the field and went back to school to have a joint picnic there instead.

Our older children then went on to sing to Howgate and Farrar (the butchers whom we get our meat for our scrummy lunches!) and on to Midland House to spread Easter cheer around the residents there. The younger ones went to sing some Easter songs at Nisa and Brown and White sandwich shop. On our return to nursery, we saw that we had had a visitor, who had knocked over paint and made a mess but did leave us all an egg too!!! HAPPY EASTER Xxx17458068_613920558798665_8934744878393177189_n 17626205_613920608798660_1332034193794944495_n









Mar 15

‘A Forest School Experience’

This morning our oldest children joined Woodlesford School children in their conservation area to explore some forest school ideas. They donned waterproofs and wellies so that they could really get stuck in and explore all elements. they had a go at:
den building, making stickman out of twigs, going on a fairy hunt, making bird feeders, weaved ribbons through the fences, climbing on tyres, using natural materials to create pieces of art, planting seeds, imaginative play using dinosaurs, listening to tales on the story stumps plus much more!!!!17327955_10155477792220139_928780729_n






Mar 15

Letters and Sounds – introduced after staff meeting dated 27th Jan 17

Letters and Sounds

Following on from our whole staff team training on ‘Letters and Sounds’ in our January staff meeting our children have been introduced to a wealth of fab activities…

After chatting to teachers from local primary schools at cluster meetings it became clear that they really loved children entering school Reception class to have experienced ‘Phase One’ of the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme.

So we all got practical during our staff team training meeting and got to grips with how we could introduce this across nursery. It is such a fun practical programme that is relevant from our youngest toddlers to those getting ready to leave us for ‘BIG’ school. It hones the children’s listening skills and gets them to listen carefully and distinguish between sounds and these are all pre-cursors for quality phonics learning later on…

So we all ‘taught’ each other and shared ideas for practical games and activities and as it was so practical our team could ‘get their heads around’ the scheme and see how it could be introduced easily to their rooms.

So onwards and upwards, as is the Jolly way, and we are proud of how our children have been playing a variety of games, singing songs, mixing ‘silly soup’ and donning crazy ears to go on listening walks (we may look a bit like the BFG but that’s half the fun!!). Look out for our children going on their listening walks around the village and if you beep your horn to say hello you will give us yet another sound to distinguish!!

Here’s to even more games and fun and to our children entering Reception Class even more ‘school ready’ than they were before…


Mar 15

World Book Day 2017

We very much enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters and sharing lots of stories. We made book marks and did lots of story related activities too ie ordering sections of a story as to which happened first, lining up pictures of characters in order of size etc16999010_10154424377554205_1975744111892229998_n