Memory books go down a storm….

We ♥️ our ‘Jolly Memories Books’… As well as having our online app which enables our parents/carers to receive regular daily photos/updates (and also daily sheets!) to give them a sneaky peek into their little ones’ days and all the fun and learning that is taking place here at nursery we have also clung onto our ‘paper memories books’ which we have created since we opened our doors 17 years ago… We know it’s a little old fashioned, in this digital day and age, but we ♥️ the traditional paper approach; as it’s just such a treasured keepsake that can be enjoyed years and years later to evoke wonderful memories of happy times! My own daughters still fondly look through theirs and talk about their Jolly days and they are 17 and 19 now… and that’s what you don’t get with an electronic version!!This little one was flicking through the profiles within her room (as we have them accessible so they can be enjoyed by our children when they choose to look through them) so Fiona asked her if she wanted to find hers. She replied yes so they looked together to find hers and she was VERY excited to find it!As they turned the pages this little one loved commenting upon the pictures, ‘I’m outside….it’s Emma…. it’s a bear…. I dressed up a jumper for Christmas’ When Fiona pointed out her birthday pictures she said….. ‘I’m 2!’ As they got to the end of the book she said ‘Oh no they have gone now….’ so Fiona then explained how Emma was going to put more pictures in and she responded ‘tomorrow!’….. soooo cute♥️It makes our hearts melt to see the enjoyment our children get from their special memories books… It might be old fashioned, but we are proud of them and the joy they bring to our children and their families. The revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) has moved away from emphasis being on paperwork (and things that take practitioners away from quality interaction with their children); but we feel they can be justified still and now our oldest children frequently take responsibility for sticking in their own photos too (some may be upside down and a bit skew-whiff, but it doesn’t matter…and they adore choosing stickers and drawing pictures in them too to make them look extra fab!) Adults love to chat with their children about all the fun they’ve had (and we sometimes scribe for them too recording the comments they have made) and our children love recalling and reflecting upon their adventures; discussing what they are proud of and how they felt as they played, explored and investigated. So we think they are still very much relevant and justified as who doesn’t ♥️ to look at photos of their fabulous selves and reflect upon how brilliant and clever they truly are?!?! We want our children to feel proud of who they are and what they do and achieve on a daily basis as their individual learning journeys develop!! Xxxx

A lovely stroll to the canal

A wonderful wintry walk 💜Yesterday our babies wrapped up warm and enjoyed a walk in the glorious winter sunshine… the canal fascinated them as they took EVERYTHING around them in. They especially loved saying hello to the ducks, boats and… the Gruffalo, of course!! We are so lucky that we can explore our local surroundings in such a beautiful place xxxx

All things wintry and interesting…

The recent cold weather outside (where we saw frosty grass and icy footpaths🥶) was mirrored inside Jollies as we saw a winter-inspired loose parts tray set up…The children adored selecting, combining and creating with the loose parts. Some worked alone, some preferred the team work approach, but ALL loved to explore everything that was on offer. They used the resources and their imaginations in the most open-ended way and they were engrossed and fully focused as they created, solved-problems, role-played, imagined, counted, sorted, shared and developed their critical thinking skills too… it’s AMAZING what is possible with a tray full of ‘stuff’!!!! Xxxx

An invitation to play…

We have seen some very varied play, lots of excitement, cooperation and collaboration.Just a couple of the things observed have been:A tower building challenge – the children ran out of one resource and had to add another as they were determined to get it to be taller than them!As well as a self styled game of ‘ring toss’… aims of the game and accompanying rules were decided upon together. Sooooo interesting to observe the differing directions our children take their play off into when they have the confidence and freedom to choose…Whatever next?! Xxxx

Our new friends…….

We ♥️ our stick insects!!Our oldest children have welcomed some new friends into their room recently… in the shape of some rather huge and gorgeous stick insects!!They have been fascinated looking at them closely… they definitely looked like ‘sticks’ or maybe ‘green beans from our Sunday lunch’ too?!The children counted their legs and looked closely at the shape and length of their bodies, they then drew them very carefully too. Those that wanted to had a little hold and those that didn’t just watched Imogen handling them as they talked about them together.It was a great opportunity to chat to our children about how to care for them (they love a bit of privet you know!) and also how to handle them safely as we don’t want to hurt our fabulous stick friends…Our children were so very gentle as they touched them or picked them up and they held them in their hands as if they were precious gems!We have also loved to share our two new stick insect books… one non-fiction one is very interesting and full of stick facts and the other is very… funny!! We have all had a giggle together as the stick insect in the story falls in love with… a stick!! Happy days and stick insect ways here at Jollies xxxx

We giggle while we work…

🎶🎵🎶🎵Fabulous friendships and amazing negotiations as we design, create and build together.It makes our hearts smile as we sit back and observe true teamwork taking place between our children as friends construct and create together. To hear our children discussing their ideas and developing their imaginations, plans and ideas further as they share resources and take turns is simply wonderful and the looks upon their faces say it all we think?!The intense concentration, the focus and the total enjoyment is evident for all to see … play is our work and we ♥️ it… and did we mention we are experts at it too?! (… just ask our animals as we were ‘architects of amazement’ in their eyes – they loved the new home we created for them all!! 🐄🐘🦖🦕 ) Xxxx

Wonderful Water… Again!!!!

💦💦💦💦It’s not just our littlest giraffes who have been engaging in wonderful water play… it’s been a big hit upstairs too. A slightly different focus for our older children perhaps, but no less fun for them all…♥️xxxx

We have such a splashing time

💦💦at nursery!!What better way to spend some time than splishing, sploshing and splashing with our friends in the water tray?!It’s a bit too cold to have water play outside at the moment, but that doesn’t stop us having THE best time filling, emptying, tipping, pouring, spilling, splishing and splashing as we explore and investigate the bubbly water with different sized stacking cups and scoops…. Ooooh did we mention that some of us even tried to wash our hair with it too at one point?!Wonderful water play was the perfect way to while away the day recently 😂🤣🤣🤣 xxxx

Feeling the love already…

♥️As our first nursery week of 2022 draws to a close we are just so happy to see the strong bonds already being shared between our children and their new key people.We have had quite a few new babies join us and quite a few children have moved rooms as they have suddenly become so very grown up and it fills our hearts with happiness to see how quickly bonds are being created.We are so proud of our lovely Jolly newbies and the way they have separated from mummies and daddies and how their confidence is growing by the hour as they explore their new and exciting surroundings and begin to blossom and show us their truly unique personalities.Strong bonds and security are key to children thriving within nursery, as if children’s well-being isn’t high they simply cannot learn and develop and reach their full potential.So a huge thank you to Team Jollies for the love, care, fun and general loveliness they bring into nursery each day, a huge thank you to all our Jolly babies for the snuggles, giggles, fun and laughter they provide and a huge thank you to our mummies and daddies for working in such close partnership with us to help our little ones settle… as trust grows, familiarity builds and then key person relationships truly blossom… we ♥️ to see this at Jollies. Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Challenges, challenges!!!

It’s been all about the physical outside… from balancing on beams, tackling different climbing levels as we travel across the wooden hexagons, whizzing down the ramp, balancing on the bouncy toys, climbing the tyre mountain, riding on the balance bikes and swerving on scooters, to sliding down the climbing frame’s pole!Physical skills galore were being developed as our children explored and played… and mixed in with this was a bit of awe and wonder too as amazing bubbles were also created to float around and about and also a feast was set up as our children role-played together in the mud kitchen creating a brilliant banquet (lots of communication naturally occurred and language associated with creating recipes was used and early maths skills were developed as quantities and containers were compared and explored).Yet all our children knew was that they were having an amazing time playing outside… you’ve got to ♥️ the Early Years… supremely educational, but just soooooooo much fun!!! Xxxx