Parent view 10

D****, our son is in free flow with him starting school in September. His journey at Jollies we feel has really shaped who he is as a person and helped embrace his interests. 
From being a very shy individual which we did express our concerns in the early years. Jollies has helped to not only reassure us on his progress but also helped him come out of his shell. He loves going to nursery and playing with all of his friends. Even though he has his best friend in his class Jollies ensures he integrates with all children and does activities in different groups to help him build his social skills.
We also feel that Jollies have focused to help D**** get ready for big school from encouraging him to put his socks on in the early years to zipping up his jacket.

Jollies are very good at celebrating and focusing on world events which he remembers really well and adds to his knowledge of the world.Being from an indian background Jollies have also helped D**** to celebrate festivals like Diwali with his friends and even tried to make an indian pudding and activities to help! This was very much appreciated and i know D**** felt very proud he got to celebrate with his friends.

D**** loves numbers and we feel jollies have a good focus on this as he comes home and tells us what maths he has learnt. As well as academic things D**** also loves dancing and loves a good dance with his jollies friends.The focus on learning through play we feel has really helped me to learn and the best thing is he enjoys learning this way.  He absolutely loves cars and its fascinating how Jollies have used this to help him learn about different things.
We also love the emphasis on reading and encouraging them to read with the library as well as how they learn to write their names.

Communication has always also been good with jollies especially with eylog and the office is always contactable. We also love the paper books and D**** will still at times pick one book from his bedroom and look back on them. 

Overall the experience with Jollies so far to date has been an excellent one and we feel very lucky to have our boy at jollies. We also have our daughter starting in September and the communication prior to her starting has been very informative and clear.