Parent view 16

My daughter joined Jollies during lockdown and I have to say the nursery have been absolutely fantastic. They have a real family feel and get to know all of the family so parents are constantly updated and understand how their child is getting on. The elearning log is a great example of this but more so all of the staffs friendly personal approach.
The nursery have and are handling covid extremely well. In such uncertain times it was reassuring to know the nursery where doing everything they could to handle the situation with care and diligence. Such as not allowing visits into the nursery during lockdown or potential new families for nursery tours. I know a lot of local nurseries were still doing this and Jollies really did put our minds to ease. 
Areas in particular that my daughter has developed in since starting jollies are confidence, communication and eating habits. She was eating a very limited variety of food before starting nursery and nursery worked hard with my daughter and she is now an amazing eater. Her confidence and personality has completely thrived and changed since starting nursery and I put a lot of this down to the hard work of the nursery team.
All of the resources and activities are fantastic. If my daughter has a particular interest or development need such as teeth brushing, the team work hard to incorporate this into every day play.  Activities and resources are always updated to reflect children’s needs and this is evident as my daughter has so much fun! 
I have another daughter starting Jollies in September and I’m not second guessing our decision of nurseries after the care and dedication we’ve seen from the nursery team so far!