Goals & Values

  • Values
    • Our premises will be safe, secure and our staff will be suitably qualified and have the necessary DBS/vetting checks. They will be caring, loving and act as excellent role-models, helping the children to make a positive contribution within our nursery, and indeed the wider, community.


    • We will provide a range of fun, enjoyable and stimulating activities that stem from our children’s interests inspired by the Early Years Foundation Stage documentation and we will ensure that we have a thorough understanding of all our children’s needs and routines.


    • We will ensure that resources (books, toys etc.) are safe to use, clean and well maintained and they will reflect the rich diversity of the society in which we live, fostering positive attitudes.


    • We will provide the children with healthy, varied and nutritious meals and snacks.


    • We will have high expectations of ALL children and foster a celebratory culture valuing all achievements, helping to promote a climate of self confidence and building high esteem and a positive self image.


    Goals for 2022/2023


    • To make sure our teaching has an ‘impact’ across the whole nursery and that learning is driven by the children, as well as through adult-directed/scaffolded activities, to make sure all our children are making the best possible progress that they can from their individual starting points; working in partnership with parents/carers and others (external support agencies etc) to remove any potential barriers to their learning.


    • To really focus upon developing our children’s communication skills (particularly in response to the pandemic!) so they leave us as competent, inspired, capable learners ready to interact with confidence within school and in their lives beyond.


    • To continue to develop our Jolly curriculum, ensuring our staff team have clear ideas about where they want their children to travel to next and how best to support this; drawing upon their knowledge and understanding of how children develop, their insight into their own key children and utilising the environment they create to facilitate this.


    Early childhood is the foundation upon which children build the rest of their lives and it is vitally important that we help them get the best possible start in life, building the firmest of foundations as they enjoy learning through their play.  This will help them to achieve success in later life…


    Our over-arching aim is that we want our children to leave Jolly Giraffes happy and with the confidence and skills required to help them meet the challenges that lie ahead in school and in their lives beyond…


    When you and your child are happy, we are happy!