Review – Wings to Fly

Our experience with Jolly Giraffes

When looking for a nursery for our eldest child, we visited all local providers and knew instantly that we wanted to get our daughter into Jolly Giraffes. What struck us most was the personal attention given to each and every child, the lovely outdoor provision, the healthy, home-cooked meals, the professionalism and sheer enthusiasm of the staff and the absolute feeling of happiness around the whole setting. It proved to be absolutely the right choice; there hasn’t been a single day when we’ve been anything less than delighted with the experience that Jollies has provided for our three children.


Our children have always looked forward to attending Jollies and they’ve always talked enthusiastically about their day, from the friends they’ve played with, to the fantastic range of activities in which they’ve been engaged. The fact that every child has their own ‘key person’ means that there’s always someone you can talk to about their latest development or interest and the personalised feedback given to parents at the end of each day helps you to get a glimpse into the excitement of your child’s day. The ‘All about me’ learning journey logs are a pure delight – not only do they track each child’s attainment against the EYFS criteria, but, even more importantly, they provide a wonderful photographic record of a child’s development and so they constantly bring back special memories for children and parents alike.


Over and above the wonderful experiences that Jollies provides within the setting each and every day, there are many other ‘extra’ activities that help to make learning that little bit more special. Things such as visits to the train station, teddy bear picnics, farm and playground visits, external visitors, Spanish lessons, the weekly library bus, the chance to explore a fire engine and the ‘Jolly Olympics’ have all helped our children to talk with enthusiasm about what they’re learning. There really are hundreds of other examples!


We can honestly say that the Jolly Giraffes team has absolutely delivered on their mission statement of giving children ‘roots to grow and wings to fly’. Our two eldest children are now flourishing at primary school and we know that their progress in literacy and numeracy, as well as their sheer love of and thirst for learning are in large part due to the outstanding start to their learning journey that they experienced at Jollies. They both remember so many of their fantastic experiences at Jollies and we as parents could not be more grateful for that. Our youngest daughter is currently at Jolly Giraffes and she can’t wait to get there every morning; we know that Jolly Giraffes is just as outstanding now as it was in 2009 (if anything even more so!).


Mr and Mrs B