Review 2 – 2021

“We decided to start looking for a nursery in January 2020 for Iris. I was going back to work at the end of summer and we hoped for Iris to start in September. I was lucky that because I had started looking early, it meant I got it take an actual tour of the nurseries, we was interested in. I loved the feel of Jolly’s straight away it was the third nursery I had visited and I felt it was the right one for Iris.I was really hoping my partner could visit before Iris started, however due to the pandemic this was not possible. We watched the virtual tour on the nursery Facebook page together and although he had hoped to be able to see the nursery in full swing, he was happy he had some sort of a feel for where Iris would be going.Just before Iris was due to start nursery we got a call from staff advising that due to the pandemic, the usual two nursery visits before the children start, had been cut to just one and that we would not be able to enter the nursery building, to ensure the children’s safety. We was advised that we could sit outside under a covered area with Iris and staff and then Iris would be taken in alone. I was a bit apprehensive about this at first, as Iris had also been shielding previously, so up until this point, she had very little contact with other people. However I needn’t be nervous, we was greeted by Lillie, who explained she would work with Iris until Natalie who was to be Iris’ key worker, returned from maternity leave. Lillie was very friendly and went through everything with us before we left Iris with her. I was very surprised with Iris’ reaction as she seemed to love it straight away and was happy to go with Lillie.From her first day Iris has loved Jolly’s. She often talks about the staff when she comes home, often mentioning Nat Nat with a cheeky smile. She loves all the activities and we are lucky that the EyLog, that is provided daily keeps us up to date with pictures and stories of what she has been doing. Iris is very adventurous and loves exploring the outside area in the nursery, this is always evident from her big smiles on the daily pictures. The only time we have had any upset, was when Iris has had to stay home to isolate due to getting a cough or a temperature. After these times when she has returned we have had tears, but the staff have been great keeping me updated with how she is and happy to answer my many telephone calls to reassure me she is ok.I feel sad that the pandemic meant that times when we as parents would have been part of nursery events, such as Christmas shows, these could not happen. But I think the nursery have really worked well to ensure parents have felt involved in what their child has been doing and part of the nursery community. I think Jolly’s is a lovely nursery and I am so pleased we chose this for our daughter Iris. Hopefully we will soon be seeing a more normal world and other parents, who are considering Jolly’s, will be able to visit. However until then I hope hearing our experience of Iris starting nursery will offer them some support and reassurance”.We hope this insight helps to reassure any prospective parents/carers out there who may be looking ahead to introducing their little ones to nursery life in these very unusual times… We are happy to help in any way we can and answer any questions you may have, so please just click on the enquiry link below if you feel you would like your little one to join us at Jollies xxxx