Parent view 11

R***** is 20 months old and has been at Jollies since January 2022 and I can honestly say that enrolling him into Jollies has been the best decision that we could have ever made. Leaving your child is tough at any point however post pandemic it was hugely magnified for us. Jollies did everything they could to reassure us about R***** joining nursery and were so very patient with us as first time parents. After a few separation anxiety related hiccups at the start of his journey (which only lasted around 2 weeks thankfully), I am confident in saying that R***** absolutely adores his time at Jollies. 
R***** loves his key person Beth and all of the other lovely ladies in his room… we hugely appreciate them too. Time is always taken to hand over to us at the end of the day which is wonderful to know what has been happening, we never feel rushed or unwelcome. We also get plenty of updates during the day via EyLog for every session which we love receiving – always lots of different activities which I sometimes try to recreate at home. Each central communication we receive from Jollies is thorough, informative and has the childrens wellbeing at heart – they have a lovely tone and it’s a pleasure to read them knowing that they are fully being taken care of… They let us know as parents what all the different policies and procedures are for things like medicine etc which is reassuring to read.I really do recommend Jollies to all of our friends and look forward to R*****’s next few years!