Parent view 13

T*** joined jollies last May and we have never once  regretted our decision.
All staff are so approachable, always smiling and always interacting with the kids.
The creativity the staff have is endless T*** does more activities in one day than we would ever get round to in a month. T*** is always coming home having played hard!
Activities are always adapted to meet the interests of the kids, Even at the last minute when T*** arrives with a list of things he wants to do with ‘Nona’ (Fiona).

The care and support T*** has had is second to none, jolly’s really is a family and we are proud to be part of it.

Tracey has always been at the end of a phone or email and was a breath of fresh air when we first started T*** at jolly’s having had a tough time at a previous nursery.
They all have high expectations of T*** and are always honest about his development and keen to make sure he makes good progress in all areas, as well as making sure he has the best time with his friends.
He started with Lillie as his key worker and now has Fiona ‘Nona’ but has also had a wide range of other staff and has built lovely relationships with them all. We are very grateful to everyone for how hard they work to make sure T*** is happy, having fun and well cared for. 

Communication is excellent in terms of day to day things, future planned events and even in terms of what staff are doing on their training evenings.

We think Jolly’s is outstanding and we hope you agree.