Parent view 12

Our son S** started at Jolly Giraffes in January.   We visited 3 nurseries in the area and without a shadow of a doubt, my husband and I were united in the choice of Jolly Giraffes.  At our visit we felt welcomed, saw happy staff and happy babies and toddlers, all engaged, all cared for and all safe. A true Covid baby, we were very concerned as to how, at 14 months, he would cope with far more interactions and stimulation that he had previously had, but other than a few normal hesitancies at the doorway, he trotted right in, played and has been happy ever since.Every day, we get up dates of his food, his sleeping, nappies etc.  And every day we get at least one picture, sometimes 2 showing what he has been up to.  More importantly at pick up, we get to chat to a nursery worker, who gives us really helpful feedback as to the day he has had and any funny stories or anecdotes about his day. S** had developed massively since starting at Jolly Giraffes.  He is a now a far more confident little boy, who is happy to socialise and play with other children.  His language development has also blossomed. We believe the play and varied activities organised for him have really helped with this.When ill, S** has always been cared for appropriately and communication with home has always been speedy and supportive. We could not be happier with Jolly Giraffes and in our opinion is outstanding.