Parent view 14

I looked around so many nurseries in the area and Jolly’s stood out from the rest. They promoted a fun, family-feel nursery with trips out to the train station and canal which was an accurate description.

My son attended in September 2016 and my daughter in May 2019 and is currently at Jolly’s before starting school in September this year.

There are so many positives that I need to share with you. My children have never been upset at being dropped off in the morning which is a true fact. My daughter practically skips in to nursery. She can now write her name with confidence and that’s thanks to the patience and encouragement of her key worker.

I remember having issues with E****’s toilet training last year and I had full support from her key worker. I’ll never forget their words ‘they will go through the tough part and hopefully she’ll  crack it for when she’s at home’. I appreciated their support and patience and not once did E**** feel embarrassed as they made the whole process fun and rewarding.

When my son started primary school in September 2020, I was told by a teacher that they can tell Jolly’s children as they are confident and can usually write their names. That said everything to me!

I think they handled covid exceptionally well with constant communication. I genuinely couldn’t be any happier with Jolly’s.

I will always have fond memories as they have built confidence in my children and most importantly have put permanent smiles on their faces.