Review 6 – 2021

Choosing a nursery is such a huge decision and leaving your most precious person for the very first time is so hard…. A huge thank you to one of our lovely mummies for sharing her experience of nursery life at Jollies♥️ xxxx“Sienna joined Jolly Giraffes in August, really shortly before I returned to full time work. I was instantly put at ease as I had an in person introductory session (outside for Covid safety), where I was asked lots of questions about Sienna and I was told how the whole nursery process works, including upcoming EYFS changes. I was able to provide preferences on sleeping times and also give lots of insight into my babies needs/ personality, all of which were taken on board.The first time dropping CiCi off was challenging, but again, as a parent I felt like I was having my hand held through it all too. Within 2 weeks she was totally settled, now she’s learnt to walk she is walking herself in! (Even after a recent 2 week break… I think she was excited to be back).The photo and diary updates I get through the eylog app each day are absolutely great. Some of them are even really witty and make us laugh, it’s so nice knowing what CiCi has been up to. I love the amount of fresh air she gets, the great variety of activities they get up to and I’m jealous of the sound of a lot of the home cooked food she enjoys. I also get messages if CiCi had been a bit out of sorts at drop off for reassurance etc. Discussing with my other new mum friends has just re-enforced the amazing quality of care and attention I feel we are getting with Jollies! Kirstan is Sienna’s key worker and is an absolute star. I feel like she knows my daughter so well and is really tuned into her development. At pick up each day I’m told about her day and how she’s got on. She is always so positive and I feel like the whole team are great people for my child to grow up around. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with our nursery choice.”