Review 3 – 2021

“Our not so little girl Chloe (now 20 months) started at Jollies in September 2020. As seasoned Jolly parents, we had zero concerns about the staff and nursery and how they were dealing with the pandemic due to our eldest Charlotte having returned there safely from June 2020. We were assigned Kirstan who is very bubbly, enthusiastic and just really loves babies! Our biggest concern was how Chloe was going to settle in after only spending most of her life with mummy, daddy and Charlotte. Chloe was also a very very clingy baby. In all honesty, the revised settling in sessions weren’t too different from the norm so I think Jolly’s have done a fab job in keeping it quite consistent. We had an hour session outside with Kirstan and then dropped Chloe off for a couple of hours on another day. On the second settling in session, Kirstan posted loads of observations on eyLog so we could see how she was getting on. With the absence of not being able to go into the rooms to sit and chat with Kirstan, etc this certainly made all the difference and we felt like we got a good picture of Chloe and what her nursery journey might look like. I’d prepared myself for Chloe to be crying at drop offs and pickups till at least January. By the end of October she was running to Kirstan and not crying when she spotted her older sister about. One of the things that helped her settle were her nursery friends especially Josh. At this point we knew that we didn’t have to worry anymore about her social interactions and clinginess. For any prospective parents, I couldn’t rave about Jollies enough. They’re very good at keeping you informed over eyLog and are always happy to chat over the phone too. The greatest asset Jollies has is their staff and we are yet to be disappointed with any of our key workers we’ve had over the years. I couldn’t recommend a better setting for your little one/ones.”