Parent view 1

After having a terrible experience with the first nursery we chose, resulting in us having to remove our son for safeguarding reasons, we simply didn’t know where to go. The pressure really was on for us to get this decision right. Despite speaking to several nurseries that were based close-by, we didn’t feel any connection. It felt like a process: very functional and devoid of emotion. Then we came across Jolly Giraffes. WOW!

From the minute I picked up the phone they were AMAZING. I cannot put into words how I felt when Tracey and Sian were just so wonderful. They answered every question, however odd given our previous experiences. They were so welcoming, willing and able to explain exactly how they work and more importantly why. My son used to scream as I dropped him off and stand at the window waiting for me to return. Now, he shares stories of what he has been doing and what fun he will have with his friends the next day. He LOVES Jollies.

Given our son is adopted, we had added concerns with regards to attachment, therapeutic techniques, appreciation of trauma and a general compassion for the situation. We needn’t have worried. Our fears were very quickly forgotten when we got to know the team of smiling faces that became more like friends than professional nursery school teachers. Our son simply LOVES Jolly Giraffes and so do we. Lauran, Katie, Jade, Laura, Natalie and all the other people he has engaged with have built a real bond with him. They know him. We cannot thank them enough. His language is outstanding, his manners brilliant, he knows his numbers and colours and sings songs from start to finish asking us to join in. As we leave the car park he waves and says: ‘See you tomorrow, we can have more fun!’.

We have realised through our experience that filling paperwork out does not make you outstanding. A rating from a third party should not be the only measure that is taken into account. We made that mistake. Caring for a child to the best of your ability and allowing them to learn and to grow while having fun is so much more important. I will resolutely stand and say Jolly Giraffes is the VERY BEST nursery in West Yorkshire and I am so pleased we found it when we needed people that cared. Truly cared. There is no doubt which nursery I would recommend to anyone who asked: Jollies.