Fantastic free flow

Fantastic Free Flow Zone

Our oldest children have a giant space which comprises of 3 rooms, a landing area and outside.

Room one:

We love the freedom of exploring this room(FreeFlow1).  We build and we problem-solve, we share and laugh and have so much fun.  Can you believe we are only two and three?  We are sooooooo clever!

We use our imaginations all the time. Some blocks may be a castle to some people, but to others it could be a road, a den etc etc                     

We like to explore what our bodies can do, and what better way than in our ‘movement room’. We especially like to climb on softplay and roll around. Sometimes we have funny aerobics classes where we copy the adults silly movements!!!

Room two:

 Free flow 2: Our role play area consists of an ‘upstairs’ and ‘downstairs’ so we have lots of space to use our imagination. We love to be doctors at the moment! If you need your legs bandaged up, we are the people to do it!!!We are also great at rustling up some tasty meals in our home corner.
We can choose to have a quiet 5 minutes, whether it’s to enjoy a story or to chill out listening to music with the headphones on!!!
  We have a lovely Multi-sensory maths area where we like to make patterns, match things, count, and sort.                             

Room 3:

Free flow 3: We like to express ourselves by being creative. Our imaginations can really run wild with all the materials we have to make fab things in this room!  


We construct models out of junk materials in the true spirit of recycling, make marks uses lots of different material and of course, snip snip snip with scissors. We are very creative little bunnies.

We have various things that we like in our messy trays. We particularly love rice and pasta at the minute as we can pour it, sprinkle it, scoop it, transport it etc etc.

Landing area:

This is where we call the ‘shared area’. This is where the adults like to do a focused activity so that they can observe us and we can show off how clever we are. We like to help one another to do jigsaws, play the memory game (we have to tell the adult which object has been taken away), play matching games and generally solve problems together!