Ice, Ice Lolly!!

☀️☀️☀️The children in Free-Flow were role-playing keeping cool in their kitchen so Imogen and Natalie decided to extend this interest and helped them to make some real fruit ice lollies to cool them down whilst also having a bit of a unique healthy twist to them too.The children chose their chopped up fruit pieces and they filled their ice lolly moulds with juice and then popped them in the freezer to wait for them to turn into ice lollies.They weren’t disappointed when later they were able to sit in the sunshine and enjoy their home-made cooling treat… Cheeky Monkeys also enjoyed a similar activity and they may have needed a little more help with pouring in the juice (Free-Flow are older and therefore, naturally, much more independent) but they loved selecting their fruit and then popping the lid on before receiving a high five from Evie for their great listening to, and following of, instructions. They too found their cooling treats super delicious… the perfect way to stay cool on a hot, hot day (whilst also getting some more of their ‘five a day’!!) Fun in the sun? Yes please!! ? xxxx