We were keen to canvass the views of our parents/carers as they are the people who entrust their children to us on a daily basis. They obtain far more than a ‘snapshot’ of everything that is Jollies as they come in and out of our building day in, day out, year after year after year…..

Our parents/carers should be our harshest critics as they see our practice and provision in the greatest detail and they observe how their children learn, progress and interact with their friends and carers within the environment we have created.

The response to our survey this year was phenomenal and we received 54 replies and we have chosen a few quotes from these to offer an insight from a parental perspective into their experiences of nursery life here at Jolly Giraffes.

Where any suggestions for improvements have been made within the responses these will be used to inform a 2016 Parental View Action Plan and we shall take on board and suggestions/comments to continue to review, change and develop our practice and provision as we always want to be striving towards being the very best possible version of us that we can be for each and every child and family…

We hope that potential parents/carers will find these helpful to read alongside our most recent Ofsted inspection report.