We LOVE to be outdoors as everything we learn and do inside can be mirrored outside but on a much LARGER scale!  We paint and pour, we slide and climb, we drive our cars…Oh the beautiful outdoors.  We love it in all weathers as the possibilities are endless in our world!

We can sneak through or climb over our ‘wormy’ play tunnel, we can ‘rock climb’ on our mini climbing wall to reach the slide, we can clatter across the rickety bridge to move between the towers (BUT BEWARE OF THE TROLL WHO LURKS UNDER THE BRIDGE!), we can drive our cars around the track (BUT BEWARE OF THE POLICE OFFICERS – CHECK YOUR SPEED!), we can buy fruit and veg from our role-play shop panel, we can sit and read our favourite stories under the canopy whilst sheltering from the elements, but we can also enjoy the rain as we dance and sing under our umbrellas…What would you like to do in the great outdoors?


Quick slide down the fire-fighter’s pole and race to get your helmet and a hose…EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!

Develop your creative flair as you play our musical instruments, heave yourself up the rope onto the decking and sit and relax under our tree (or will you climb it?!).  Or will you transport stones on our construction site?  DIG, DIG, DIG!  Choo, Choo all aboard our train…