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In order for you to ‘get a feel’ for our nursery environment we would love to show you around. To do this you can either pop in as you are passing, telephone or contact us by email.  Appointments are not necessary as we will happily show you around as long as someone is available to do so!  There are, however, times when both managers may be covering within rooms and so may be unable to take you on a tour of the setting, but when you are ready to come and have a look you could always ring 10 minutes before setting off to check someone is free to show you around, this will avoid any wasted journeys or disappointment.

In order for us to be able to look out for a place for your child in the future, we would need the information contained on our registration form, which includes details such as; when you would like a place from,  the specific days/sessions you are requiring, the age of your child etc. as well as your all important contact details so we can get back in touch with you!  Once you have returned this form to us it will be placed on our waiting list according to the details you have provided.  We will then contact you by telephone as soon as a place arises for your child. Apart from September time, when we lose our oldest children to school and a number of places automatically arise, if we are full we have to wait for existing parents to give notice to change/reduce days etc. which in turn creates new places.  Our parents only have to give us 4 week’s notice so in some instances the news of a place arising can be quite a short time-frame!  In the past we have had many parents who have wanted a place for their children which we have unfortunately been unable to accommodate at the time and they have been able to find alternative childcare arrangements, but they have asked us to remain in contact and inform them as soon as we know a place is arising.  They have then been able to give notice to their current childcare provider (so as not to lose their deposits etc.) and take up a place with us. This is always an option for you should we be unable to meet your current childcare requirements, please do let us know should you wish us to keep you posted in this way…

It may be that we cannot always accommodate specific sessions at certain times of the year based upon our occupancy levels, but if other sessions are available we can still ring to offer them and discuss any further options with you, should you wish us to do so?

We will always try to accommodate the sessions you require during the month you request, but this is very much dependent upon the children who are already at nursery as we only have a capacity of 61 children every day, of these no more than 30 can be under 2 years of age as stipulated by our governing body, Ofsted.

Once you have submitted your registration form we would encourage you to keep in contact with us and update any details.  Many parents fill in their registration forms when their child is still a ‘bump’ with an expected date of birth and put down provisional sessions/days which they think they will require etc. so please do ring us to share your good news about your child’s actual birth date and sex and later when you have had your conversation with work about the specific days you will be returning please update us with your requirements.  Rest assured that we will always ring you as soon as a place arises which matches your requirements, but please also feel free to call at any point for an update!

For any further help or advice about registering with us please telephone

0113 2059449 or email us using the form on our homepage