Review 3 – Wonderful place

With one son having gone all the way through Jolly Giraffes and emerging fully equipped for school and all that life throws at a small boy, and another halfway along the same path, we just wanted to write this for you:

 What matters to us is the care and love shown to our children and the dedication to doing what is right and best for them in every way, which every one of you displays in abundance. We find that all of your staff without exception show an amazing amount of enthusiasm and commitment to looking after all of the children and creating a positive, happy environment. Underlying that is the constant thought that evidently goes into what activities can be done and how new things can be implemented, all done for a reason and linked to a structured development plan. We are always kept aware of what our son is doing, how he is progressing and what should be expected of him, whether through daily feedback and regular tracking reports, or one-off occasions like explanatory events in the church hall or ad hoc conversations with your staff about the theory behind certain activities.

Obviously things like security and hygiene are important to us. However, it is perfectly clear that they are also important to you, to the point where we do not even need to think about them when our son is in nursery because we are so assured by what we see in operation……we have experienced at first hand how you have impressively dealt with the inevitable appearance of sickness and similar issues which will always crop up from time to time. Not only do you have comprehensive policies, but we constantly see them actually in use. Indeed, on one occasion it was your policies and procedures which led to our son’s ailment being properly identified as more than merely a common bug which we thought would just pass, meaning that he could receive the right medicine and preventing it being passed on in nursery.

We know how much effort you all put into making sure things are done right at Jolly Giraffes, and that the children’s welfare and development is of paramount importance. Jolly Giraffes is a wonderful place to send children to ensure a wonderful start in life.

Mr and Mrs C