Review 6 – Proactive support

I wanted to write to summarise my experience of Jollies and how they have supported our two daughters in their all-round development.

My wife and I consider ourselves veterans of Jollies with one daughter spending 3 years there, who is now in school, and our youngest currently in her second year with the Jollies team. We are hugely appreciative of our experience with Jollies and the support the whole team has provided our daughters and the credit we need to give the team for the significant role played in their continued development.

On the couple of occasions where we have required specific support from the Jollies team to help us with behavioural problems they have been flexible, but most importantly proactive in their suggestions and ideas as solutions. We have had experience of another nursery before our first daughter moved to Jollies, a national chain with a rigid structure driven by corporate policies and I don’t believe we would have had this level of interaction and proactive support. It is this that separates Jollies from other nurseries and the level of care that our children currently receive.

Most importantly, we have 100% confidence that every day we are leaving our children in a safe and inspiring environment where our girls have thrived and one that has significantly helped in making them very happy girls.

Mr D