Review 9 – Loved & nurtured

When I first came to look around Jollies as a potential nursery for ***** one of the main things which “sold” Jollies to me was enthusiasm and passion you had for all that you do. I could see that you really believed in what you were doing and that it was genuinely important to you to create the best possible setting for the children.  I did not get this feeling at another “outstanding” nursery I visited.

I also felt that Jollies was somewhere ****** would be loved and nurtured, somewhere she could feel comfortable and at home rather than being a clinical school-like environment, and provided the best possible alternative to actually being at home.

I loved that you seemed to take a sensible approach to risks, with a nice balance between keeping children safe and letting children take measured risks, giving them enough freedom to learn.

In the three and a half years ****** has been with you, Jollies has lived up to our expectations and we certainly wouldn’t have wanted her to be anywhere else. We love the way you are open and honest with the parents, and the way you are constantly looking for ways to improve an already excellent nursery.

Also, we are of course immensely proud of our lovely confident daughter who I believe is now well and truly school ready (but are the schools ready for her?!!) and I hope you also feel proud of the role you have played in her development and all your happy, confident children and know that you are doing an excellent job.


Best wishes

Mrs R