Terrific Trips Everywhere!!

Our younger rooms must have not wanted to miss out on the recent walking action, and whilst they may not have gone as far afield as our school leavers yesterday, they have certainly had fun around and about in our wonderful village this morning before the sun got too hot.Pouncing Possums had an amazing time at our local park they enjoyed exploring the bigger play equipment there with the support of their trusted grown-ups and they also had some yummy snack at the park too!Whilst Cheeky Monkeys headed off in the other direction and visited the train station as their children are currently still mad about trains!! So after pretending to build a train last week and going on a magic train ride and also constantly building track after track after track they decided to go and find some real ones…They sat patiently eating some alfresco snack whilst they waited for some trains to go past. They were not disappointed as they saw 7 trains in total; some were fast, some were very long and some were passenger ones and the best bit?! ……Many even beeped and waved at our very excited children!With a choo, choo and a swing, swing what lovely fun this morning did bring!!