A captivating read


When the frost and ice arrived outside recently Natalie saw this as the perfect opportunity to extend her children’s interests (as they had shown their natural curiosity on their journeys into nursery) so she found some books to reflect the weather outside and they shared a little group storytime about snowmen and wintry weather all together whilst they were all super cosy in the warm!!

The whole group loved listening to the story and they maintained focus really well and all enjoyed taking turns to explore the different textures they could excitedly touch and feel. They waited so patiently for their individual turns and they shared so well!

The favourite book was definitely the snowman puppet one and they were all transfixed upon this and watched so very carefully as Natalie made them all smile and giggle…

The magic of sharing stories is simply wonderful and so vitally important for young children’s development ♥️

Later on our children braved the cold themselves and got all wrapped up and ventured outside to explore the REAL ice and frost… They enjoyed feeling the textures and used a paintbrush and their fingers to make marks in the frost!!

Natalie showed her children some pieces of ice and they loved to (briefly!) experience the (very different and exciting!) cold feel upon their hands… ????????????????

They all loved exploring and walking around in the icy frost. We were so very impressed with their stomping manoeuvres and their balance….they were very sturdy on their feet considering the very new and unusual conditions underfoot…

They were very excited little people on a serious wintry mission!!! ????❄️❄️❄️xxxx