A lovely little spruce up….

When you walk in and out of nursery tomorrow please take a moment to look around as things may look a little different. Sian has been working her decorating magic again and she has giraffified the porch…. ♥️?

Our window display has also turned autumnal (oh the irony as the☀️finally starts to shine ?) with lots of exciting seasonal things to look at on your way up the stairs and there may, or may not?, be a pumpkin garland appearing at some point too… as Sian has set me a challenge of crocheting one… (only problem? I’m a bit of a crochet novice and also I’m not cracking at following a pattern as I’m a bit of a free-styler ?????? so we’ll see….)

Many of our amazing Team Jollies also gave up a lot of their very precious Saturday to set up their rooms ready for their new children tomorrow. We are so grateful for the love and heart and soul that they all put into making their learning environments so beautiful… A sneaky peek will follow tomorrow of some of these areas, but there’s much more to be added as they truly jollify their amazing spaces… many finishing touches to add, but thank you again team for your total dedication and awesomeness ????????????????

Decorating and room changing ways and autumnal days spent together here at Jollies ♥️ xxxx