A REAL fire engine came to visit us!!!


Yesterday we were all very giddy and full of smiles here at Jollies when a real-life HUGE fire engine came to visit us!

We were able to have a turn at sitting inside the truck and they fired it up so we could have a turn at spraying water using the very long hose on the engine.

The fire fighters told us how they helped to put out fires and showed us all the equipment they had in their truck… they had a lot of interesting stuff to help keep everybody safe!!

We saw their blue flashing lights too and as they exited the car park they sounded their very loud siren which made us all giggle and clap from inside the building…

What an exciting day and the HUGEST of thanks to the lovely Rothwell crew for coming out and showing us their amazing fire engine.

They’ve already inspired so much role-play both inside and out and we have some terrific 3D huge fire engines being created as we speak this morning too ? xxxx