A Tiger at Jollies?!?!?!


Before the car wash last week though a tiger came to tea…. (…..well…..for some snack actually!! ????????????????????)

So, as is normal for a fun-filled Friday in Free-Flow, a little comment soon escalated into tea (or we should perhaps say snack…) with a tiger!!!!

Emma accidentally set too many places out at the table at breakfast time, so the children who were already in were guessing who might come in next to sit there…..which of their friends would it be?!?! After Emma listed a few possible friends’ names, but then there was a shout of, ‘No…a tiger!!’.

So in the next moment they were all chatting about an alternative to the much-loved story…..at Jollies it would now be the tiger who came to breakfast!!!!

This quickly developed into our children inviting the tiger to join them for snack later!!They wrote him an invitation and hoped that he would come….……and he did!!!! Our children excitedly looked at pictures from the story, chatted about what the tiger might like to eat and helped themselves (and the tiger!) to the fruit platters and teapot full of juice! ♥️ xxxx