All in a day’s work…

(… that is…when your usual working day involves transforming yourself into a ‘big bird’!!!!)

That’s the life of a Team Jolly member as your children’s interests and the spontaneity of the nursery day can take you literally anywhere and in Imogen’s case it turned her into a gigantic bird!!

A couple of children had been watching the birds out of the window and one little one was absolutely adamant that a big bird was coming into Jollies!

So their wish was Imogen’s command… she disappeared upstairs to the attic and quickly created some feathery wings and a beak before flying back into the room much to her children’s amazement and excitement!! She had also been flying around collecting nesting materials before swooping into the room and in the next moment the perfect nest had been created for the baby birds too.

Lots of bird fact finding and role play later and our children’s imaginations were even more fired up than before.

‘Bringing the magic’ is what early years practice is truly all about… (and a little sprinkle of total craziness helps too of course!!! ????????????????????????????????)

Imogen’s crazy ways and following our children’s interests during days spent enjoying learning together here at Jollies ♥️ xxxx