As happy as a pig in……


Weetabix and Shreddies apparently?!?! Elise invited her children to participate in some marvellous messy farm play recently!

Following her children’s current obsession with animals she gave the concept of a farm a whole new sensory level… crushing up weetabix and sprinkling shreddies before adding some water to create the perfect messy pig pen.

Her children excitedly explored the different textures and it was simply great for their sensory exploration and corresponding feedback.

We saw lots of very muddy pigs relishing getting as messy as possible before splashing in all the puddles!

Lots of sensory exploration and sharing, lots of role-playing and imagination, lots of creativity as songs were sang, lots of communication as animal sounds, associated vocabulary and scenarios were developed together… Happy pigs and very, very, very happy children too ♥️ Xxxx