Assessing risks… and a supportive hand


Chloe demonstrated what a responsive and encouraging practitioner she truly is when she saw one of her little ones desperate to cross the wibbly-wobbly bridge, but she could see their uncertainty too…

With gentle encouragement she helped them attempt this feat and succeed they certainly did! They didn’t feel comfortable walking and holding on, but were determined to cross… so belly sliding it was!!! They found their own way of moving after some careful deliberation.

This technique proved highly effective and when they got to the slide they turned and adjusted and after some skilful negotiation of space they were soon in sitting position ready to slide down……..but with Chloe’s helping hand at the side for reassurance and confidence…

What physical superstars our children truly are!

Sliding ways and risk-assessing days spent navigating the great outdoors here at Jollies ♥️xxxx