Autumn ways and FABULOUS (Iron Man filled?) seasonal trays!!

This little one adored exploring the Autumn tray recently. He absolutely loved this!! Whilst playing with Emma he learned the difference between conkers, acorns and pine cones and they used lots of autumnal vocabulary linked to what they could see….. Naming certain things took a while initially for him to get his head around, but later as he picked objects up and rearranged them and explored them he soon started to naturally name them too within his conversations…

The best bit though?! Was combining Iron Man with the Autumn tray too… suddenly the leaves became a soft bed for him to climb into to keep himself warm on this chilling autumnal evening… and it was then no longer a tray full of autumn it was the perfect home for a superhero… or two!! ????

At Jollies the play possibilities are endless and they simply know no bounds; as the only limit to creating imaginary play scenarios is our children’s imaginations!! ♥️ xxxx