Celebrating those milestones…

We love to celebrate all the milestones in our children’s lives with them; from feeding themselves for the first time, creating animal sound effects, saying their very first words, pulling themselves to standing, taking their first nursery steps, climbing up the stairs, whizzing down the slide, counting to 3, 5, 10, 20…100, singing at the top of their voices, completing a tricky jigsaw, to retelling (and often re-enacting!) a fabulous story!!

Every achievement is recognised and celebrated and we build our children’s resilience by encouraging them to try, try, try until they achieve their desired result when they undertake a task. We praise them with our smiles, our high fives, our cheers, our words and we love it when they praise themselves with a HUGE grin and a little clap too!

Sharing in these moments is nothing short of amazing and we feel privileged to be part of it all; scaffolding, enabling, inspiring and supporting as our children grow and learn and progress along their individual journeys…

Our children are brilliant at sharing in their friends’ special moments and achievements too and celebrating with their besties is simply awesome and one moment EVERY person at Jollies loves is… a birthday!!

What a milestone this is for our children as they grow and thrive and we love to celebrate in style… we have a birthday chair and a frame for selfies, we sing the happiest happy birthday song ? and best of all… we love to share in a cake too! ?

Birthdays come and go as our children develop and grow and we love celebrating EVERY SINGLE achievement along the way with them… ♥️ xxxx