Changing rooms!!!!

Our sensory room used to look like this…?

But…. exciting things are afoot here at Jollies as it is currently undergoing a transformation!

For the past almost 19 years we have been very proud of our sensory room and it is a space that has been enjoyed by soooooo many children over the years, but we have decided to make some changes based upon our observations of some of our current children’s responses to it.

We want ALL our children to benefit from this amazing space and we’d observed that for some it was just too busy, for some it was simply just too dark and we want it to be a safe, relaxing space which ALL children can enjoy and where children with additional needs can have a space to feel calm if they are ever feeling a little overwhelmed or dysregulated as we always want to remove any barriers to learning and development that our children may encounter along the way….

……So….. watch this space as transformations are occurring!!!!!