Christmas Dinner Yumminess….


…….And the exciting Christmas events keep on coming as today we’ve had our first Jolly Christmas Dinner Day.

The tables were decorated, the crackers were pulled, the hats were worn and the most delicious yummy food was eaten!! Our children even tried their sprouts (as some thought they just didn’t like them!) and for some it was a ‘yuck’, but for others it was a ‘more, more, more’…

Huge thanks to Emma who has been busy preparing this year’s Christmas Dinner (along with Lauren who is also stepping in to cook) until poor James is able to return after his recent operation.

Emma and Lauren proved excellent chefs during Covid when James had to shield and they are once again stepping into the breach until James is back up on his feet again and we thank them for their help, dedication and excellent food!!!!

Here’s to Christmas Dinner Number Two next week…. Eeeeeek just so exciting!! ♥️ xxxx