Fox’s Socks


We can’t wait to add this weekend’s fabulous find into our ‘Fox’s Socks’ story bag… previously we’ve posted when we’ve found some fabulous fox coasters and a wooden fox to accompany the array of socks and story book within this bag… but now our little ones can have fun popping the different socks on their very own fox to find their favourites.

This story bag is great for encouraging counting, pairing, matching, hiding and seeking and developing an array of positional language as the children hide and find the socks and describe whether they are under, on top of, inside, below, above etc and of course all the while tonnes of collaborative play is taking place, as well as pure imagination as the children make up their own story versions ♥️

Welcome to Jollies, Fox, we know you are going to enjoy your adventures with all our clever, imaginative, brilliant children…. Xxxx