From obstacle course experts to jungle explorers…

Recently Imogen’s children started off outside setting up and completing obstacle courses where they went up the steps, down the slide, over the bridge, across the crates and walked the plank to finish their course off after first getting really low to crawl under the stand.

This quickly changed when one little one slithered like a snake and this just brought everyone’s imaginations to life as they were suddenly then in the Free-Flow jungle!!

In the next magical moment they were snakes hissing everywhere, grizzly bears looking for their lunch and to finish off with they then morphed into elephants who stomped around!! Oh and, of course, they had to catch a lift on Imogen as it was the only way to travel through the jungle!

They certainly had lots and lots of fun (although we’re not sure who had more… Imogen or our children?! ???) collaborating together creating role-play scenarios and moving in so many varied, interesting amazing ways! Xxxx