Help… Help… the monsters are in need of rescue!!


Do you have what it takes to rescue the monsters from their homes?! Luckily our children definitely did!!

In doing so they were focusing upon their fine motor skills within enclosed spaces and the precision of their hand/eye coordination!

Within this activity patience was key whilst they used a steady hand to manipulate the tweezers with control in order to be able to rescue the monsters from their ‘homes’.

Our children were very focused and motivated by their monster mission and they loved to count how many monsters they were rescuing too!

In Early Years developing fine motor skills, finger strength and hand/eye coordination is so very important, as it a pre-cursor for writing and eventually leads to being able to hold and use a pen effectively, confidently and comfortably ready for school!

So you’ll soon see there was method in this monster madness as our children excitedly discovered whether they’d got what it takes to save the monsters!! Xxxx