Is there a doctor in the house?!?!

Yes there is… 🩺🥼Some of our children were observed making ‘thermometers’ and ‘medicine’ out of the stickle bricks within their room and they were spontaneously using these to pretend to take their friends’ temperatures and make them feel better. They were overheard by Natalie talking about doctors and having appointments and as they had started roleplaying being ‘poorly’ that was it… Natalie went on a hunt in the attic for doctors’ kits, dressing up, bandages and all things medical!The role-playing that ensued was simply brilliant! We had great communication skills being developed as children pretended to answer the phone and booked appointments for their friends, mark making was encouraged as children took medical notes about the differing conditions and illnesses they were encountering too.Total absorption was observed and best of all total fun was had by one and all!Miracles were occurring at Jollies today as our genius doctors and nurses showed their lovely empathetic, caring ways and found cures for all ailments!! 💙💛🥼🩺🥼🩺💙💛 xxxx