Let’s get physical!

Climb, crawl, slide… repeat!It’s all about the physical development in Possums at the moment… Our children are currently being driven to climb, crawl, balance, roll and generally explore their bodies’ capabilities and how they can move, move, move!It’s so vitally important for young children to be given the opportunity to explore how their bodies can move with freedom and challenge and as our lovely baby room practitioners, Lillie, Kirstan and Stephen, had observed their little ones being driven to climb and crawl at any, and every, opportunity they decided the soft play set needed to spread across the whole of the carpet area in its entirety and they also added the long tunnel too, as they knew that just going under the soft play archway wasn’t going to cut it for our children… they needed to crawl more, they needed to crawl longer… They came, they climbed, they crawled, they conquered!!! ⭐️🌟⭐️🌟 xxxx